Fear is an emotion. It is as real as pain or illness, and it causes mental anguish. In order to overcome fear, we must demonstrate the principles of courage, diligence, wisdom, boldness, and trustworthiness, among others.

Overcoming the fear of failure has a lot to do with our self-awareness. How we see ourselves determines our self-esteem. If we have low self-esteem, we usually have a lot of fear. If we think we will fail, we are well on the way to making that a reality.

There are a lot of strategies to overcome the fear of failure. The steps I take on any endeavor are: define the goal clearly, get as many facts as possible, seek good counsel from an experienced person, plan the strategy and give it room for things to not go well, pray, and then act.

Every success diminishes fear for the next challenge. Every failure sets you up for a win next time because it is one less thing to try on your road to success. -Paul Weaver