At the risk of overuse, please allow me to echo the phrase, “these are unprecedented times.”  For those of you who have lost friends and loved ones due to the novel coronavirus, we mourn with you in your season of loss and grief.  For any of you who have been adversely affected by the economic upheaval, we stand with you believing that better days are ahead.  From all of us at Lodestar Guidance, may the peace of God be yours.

While our daily routine at Lodestar Guidance has been affected, we are still here and ready to assist you with your leadership development goals.  The Lodestar Guidance principle of patience is defined as “actively waiting without showing frustration.”  If you live in an area that has been subjected to restricted business and personal activity, it can certainly be a challenge to not live anxiously and frustrated by all the uncertainty.  We are all waiting for things to return to normal, understanding that it may be a new normal. 

Now is an ideal time to continue making plans for the future, and we encourage you to implement character development as one of your top priorities.  I believe that the people in your organization will be more open to words of hope and encouragement than ever before.  Perhaps what has been a significant setback will instead become a setup for the greatest turnaround ever. 

Thank you for making Lodestar Guidance an integral part of your leadership training.  You remain in our thoughts and prayers.  Please reach out to us if we can help you in any way.

Steve Wingfield