What is Lodestar Guidance?

A monthly character-based leadership development program based on 48 character principles that empower employees to live and lead effectively.

lode•star ˈlōdˌstär/ noun:

1. a star that leads or guides
2. one that serves as an inspiration, model, or guide

What You Get

  • Video lessons
  • Principle stories
  • Guided reflections
  • Self-assessments and tracking
  • Customizable PowerPoint presentation
  • Employee recognition cards

Print Materials

  • Bulletins with faith inserts
  • Teaching guides for discussions

Lodestar Legacy: Paul Weaver

Read about Paul’s journey in his book, Business with a Higher Purpose 

“Twenty-five years ago, we implemented a character-based program at Weaver Leather, and throughout this time, I have seen incredible transformations in the people, the leadership, and the culture of my company. Driven by my passion for helping other leaders see the same growth in their organizations, I founded Lodestar Guidance.”

Paul Weaver     

Vital Information

PO Box 68
Mt. Hope, OH 44660

(330) 674-1142


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